The Train and the Watermelon Truck

Wow, that. Somebody’s about to get hit by a train.

Mm. Train—[@&%$]

Are you videoing this? Are you videoing this.

Oh god. There goes the train.

Oh, damn. Oh god.

That was not…


Hopefully nobody was in the semi.

Yeah he got stuck.

Ho, damn.

I’m going to go see if everybody’s ok.


Dang, everyone is stopping.

No, everybody’s stopping.

Oh, there’s watermelon juice everywhere.

Oh my god.

Oh my god. Holy crap.

Is this real?

Oh my god. Where’s the truck?

Oh, there is the truck.


I don’t know if you see the truck.


All the pallets and everything.

These are good watermelons.

They were good watermelons.

Oh my god, that’s not good, holy crap.

Dang, this is m—oh my god


The thing.

It’s off the ground. Wow.

That was cool.



I was right here.


“No one was injured in the crash, which occurred at 6:47 p.m., according a Florida Highway patrol report. The train conductor saw the trailer far enough in advance to declare an emergency through his dispatch, though he was unable to stop the train in time. Afterward, the Brodericks realized the trailer was full of watermelons.”