Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

What We're Saying When We Say We Hate Facebook

"When people say, 'I hate Facebook,' what I think they’re really saying is, 'I wish my real friends would post more stuff so my feed wasn’t full of randos.'"


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Alternate, related theory: what they are really saying is 'I'm avoiding work and wish my friends weren't such a bunch of supercilious douchebags, posting selfies and cat videos and crap links'

Ralph Haygood (#13,154)

When I say, "I hate Facebook," what I'm really saying is, "I wish Facebook would show me everything my friends and 'pages' I've 'liked' are posting, and in chronological order please, instead of trying to be clever (and maximize revenues, presumably) by showing me things I never said I want to see (So-and-so liked such-and-such a post!), and in Dog knows what garbled order, plus inane advertisements. See also

As a communication medium, Facebook is willfully broken. It's like trying to have a conversation over a phone connection with heavy static.

And then there are the privacy issues…

lakonislate (#11,914)

When people say "I hate Facebook," that's an indication that they want to talk about Facebook. That's a pretty big red flag for me.

mintjulips (#269,616)

@lakonislate Also a red flag when you hear this on a date. It's like, what are you hiding?

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