Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back? Like normcore and coconut water, Occupy Wall Street won't go away, picking up speed with a series of events tomorrow.

Feeling ambitious? March on the airports in the morning with organizing airport workers! (Now that we can get behind.)

Feeling rambunctious? 7 p.m. is a people's assembly at, yes, Zuccotti Park, AKA Liberty Plaza. (That'll end with an 11 p.m. "wildcat march" up to Union Square, which, pass.)

And there's much much more, including an anti-Cuomo demonstration at 5:30 p.m. at Federal Hall, and a weed-friendly demonstration at 4:20. :/

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KBr00ks (#267,297)

It's really disappointing that you would choose to belittle the Occupy movement in this tiny scrap of a story, especially considering The Awl's mostly thoughtful and respectful coverage of related efforts. From David Burr's excellent interview with Molly Crabapple and Matt Taibbi… to this. Lame.

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