Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Dark Times For Dark Lord

"With old media getting savvier and BuzzFeed on the rise, Denton has seen his digital media empire threatened once again by powerful adversaries."
Oh my God the new Star Wars is gonna suck so bad.

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jolie (#16)

It's interesting that, at a time when sites are eliminating comments and the trend is to write posts with pictures instead of units of language, Denton is doubling down on words. (Kinja, as an editor/CMS, makes the use of photos within posts quite difficult. It's not as bad if you're using Kinja as a commenting platform, and Nick seems to make a distinction between the two, hence.) I quite like words! So that's mostly a good thing, though it is way more frustrating than it need be to include illustrative images, that are separate from the incredible artwork we're provided with, in posts.

(Look, I see the writing on the wall and know that our time here as commenters is limited so just humor me, I'm feeling nostalgic for 2010.)

BadUncle (#153)

@jolie Picture my response in animated gif format.

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