Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Intrepreneurial Disrupters Zig Towards Taco Innovation

"Designed by an 'intrepreneurial' team of young Taco Bell executives in a 'secret war room' at the chain’s Irvine, Calif.-based headquarters, the new [fast-casual taco] concept is nothing like the mothership brand — except that tacos are on the menu…. The project has been led by Jeff Jenkins, Taco Bell senior brand manager and 'resident disrupter,' who is also leading the company’s mobile ordering initiative…. Deciding to 'zig while everyone else zagged,' the team decided to take 'the best of American cuisine and put it into a taco,' he said."
—The only missing elements in the game of Bullshit Buzzword Bingo on display here are "immersive," "founders" and "storytelling." Also, if you have ever used any of these terms to describe anything you do with any degree of sincerity you are an utter fraud and everyone can barely wait for you to turn your back before they collapse into a puddle of laughter and disdain.

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Now I'll run for the border.

Jenkins' actual title on his business card:

Resident Disrupter For Nation's Leading Intestinal Disrupter

Attractive Nuisance (#238,481)

Sounds like they're curating some artisanal gastric content.

NinetyNine (#98)

"Yes, Alex Balk and Choire Sicha will absolutely continue to write here, when not attending to matters of finance or corporate planning or whatever founders do all day."

Alex Balk (#4)

@NinetyNine You got the joke!

"The menu also includes shakes spiked with beer, such as the 'Mexican Car Bomb'"
Potentially offensive to both the Irish and Mexicans! These guys really are genius at reaching a wide demographic.

Rodger Psczny (#3,912)

They can use the building where the upscale Jack In The Box used to be!

hockeymom (#143)

Who started the "disrupter-as-a-title" craze. I really don't like that person.

BadUncle (#153)

If they really want to delayer authenticism in dine-ality, they need agile tiger teams to peel the onion, and bring to the table a granular deconstruction of tongue enablers, such as the Mexicanita Grande Fajita Siracharita with Real Hershey's Molé™.

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