Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Stop Paying Attention To The Moon

Did you go out at 3 in the morning so you could take pictures of a vaguely orange moon? Well you're a fucking moron and I don't have anything else to say to you. Good Lord, how do you live with yourself?

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Well, but here, as a matter of pure magical mystical coincidence:

It was completely overcast here (and snowing, woo HOO) when I went to bed, but I woke up at 4–to the cat demanding to be lifted into bed–and there was the Moon, in partial eclipse, fully visible out the window, right before my eyes!! See, there: Moon, cats, vague happenstance, unlikelihood. . .

Except it wasn't red, or orange, or anything but the whiteyness it always is. So fuck you, Mars, too.

Gene (#1,580)

Is it OK if I went out at 3am just to look at it?

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