Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Who Will Pay For The Falling Snow?

You can call it a "revolution in multimedia storytelling that has swept through digital publishing the past year" or you can call it "an indiscriminate assemblage of tech gimmickry in search of a purpose" or, for the sake of concision, you can call it "Snowfall," but the question remains, how are these dazzling displays of "immersive" journalism to be paid for, particularly when you consider that the only people who really pay attention to them are other folks working in media already? Nobody knows yet!

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Three phases: 1. Successful assertion of Intellectual Property rights in various snowfally bits of code; 2. Resale of said IP to a host of patent trolls/large players; 3. Litigation, licensing arrangements, and subsequent securitization of litigation income streams. The last magically pays for the journalism.

It doesn't matter how elegant or innovative the interface you create is, eventually someone's going to slap a full screen takeover ad over the top of it.

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