Oh Boy, Snow

Look, I know at this point we are all tired of winter, and the fact that it is freezing and there’s still snow right now and more snow in our future—even as March is so close that we are already coming up with excuses to cancel on the plans we halfheartedly agreed to earlier in the month—is at the very least disheartening if not downright depressing, it is important for us to remember that life is terrible, that nothing will ever get better and that we are all perched precariously on top of a giant, slippery pile that, any appearance to the contrary aside, is actually shit all the way to the bottom and there is no way we can forestall our inevitable rapid descent down its suppurating slope. Our entire existence is a poorly-constructed contrivance of false promise and empty achievement, and the unease we feel in unguarded moments is merely our brains acknowledging the terrible truth we spend so much time attempting to conceal from ourselves. I guess what I am saying is I am not sure that a little snow makes things all that much worse.