Thursday, February 20th, 2014

You're Gonna Get Wet

Death from above"Due to the amount of snow on the ground, warming temperatures and rain, Greater New Yorkers face a new set of winter hazards on Thursday. These will come from above and below in the form of black ice, slushy street corner puddles and chunks of snow and ice falling from buildings."
—Yes, you will probably be soaked by some form of solidified moisture as you wend your way through town today, but just remember the classic New York City adage "If it isn't jizz, go about your biz" and keep moving. (Unless it is, in fact, jizz, in which case you are well within your rights to freak out, but it seems like even the creeps are waiting for warmer weather these days.) Just remember to be careful as you navigate the garbage mountains.

Photo by Flatbush Gardener, via Flickr

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…precipitation and tall buildings happen elsewhere outside of Greater New York, yes? Just wanted to check, because if the winter that we yokels outside the boroughs are also enduring is fundamentally different, that really would be newsworthy! /vitamin d deficiency-based grump rant

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