You Are All, "Blah Blah Blah Thoughts About Thing"

Do you have thoughts about Paper? If they are anything other than “I don’t know what that is,” or “I wish everyone would shut the fuck up about Paper,” I would like you to go outside and stand in the snow for a bit and maybe develop those thoughts a little more fully so that you can articulate them in the best possible form. We’re all really interested in your ideas, and presentation is important, so just take some time out there to firm things up. No, no, just keep waiting, I’ll come get you in a few moments. There will come a point where it seems like I’m actually not coming for you at all, but that is just your super-creative mind working overtime the way it does because you are so brilliant and have so many valuable things to offer. Seriously, don’t worry, I’ll be there eventually. Just stand there in the snow and think. We’re dying to hear what you have to say!