But Wait, There's More

Okay, so the bad news is that we are looking at what could potentially be 8 inches or more of snow from Sunday night into early Monday evening. Even if that amount ends up being substantially less, temperatures will continue to remain lower than usual for the foreseeable future. The frigid weather will serve as a constant reminder that the world is cold, empty and meaningless. The sun will rise and then set and the darkening sky will settle in as you huddle beneath a blanket on your couch, the glare of the television screen the only light in your life, the blare of whatever’s on the only other human voice you hear or want to before another day dawns and you force yourself to go through the agonizing routine in which you have somehow found yourself trapped, seemingly forever. The good news is that no matter what they do February ends at midnight tonight, and however much snow or cold or darkness there is, it will all be worth it just to get out of this awful, nightmarish month. Sweet Christ, it is supposed to be the short one. Good riddance, February! I hope I’m dead by the time you come back around again.