Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Format Embraced

Debate Huge"Vertical vs. horizontal is a huge debate in the online community. Due to YouTube aspect ratios, most people believe all videos should be shot with your phone on its side, creating the familiar horizontal image like you’d see in a movie theater. If you shoot the footage vertically and then upload to the web, there are huge black spaces on either side, making the footage look amateurish and small. But there’s a movement embracing the vertical format, and nowhere is it seen better than Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There, a group of filmmakers have started the Vertical Cinema project – a traveling film festival featuring movies specifically shot with a vertical orientation."

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sixlocal (#296)

Most of this hatred comes from a now-flawed idea:
It used to be that vertical movies were encoded as horizontal, losing all the resolution. For instance, a 640×480 video recorded vertically would only be using 1/3 of the 640×480 field of view.

This is no longer the case! A vertical movie is now 480×640 (obviously larger depending on resolution). Most people hold their phones and tablets vertically. If you don't you are an inhuman psychopath. You then get to watch the video at full resolution in the preferred holding position!

Desktop PCs and laptops are quickly becoming extinct, so get with the program. The fact that a bunch of basement-dwelling neckbeards that watch youtube on desktop computers mostly obscured by mountain dew cans and empty pizza boxes are annoyed at black bars around the edges should not discourage anybody. Carry on, telephone people that hold them properly!

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