Monday, February 24th, 2014

The E Train: A Colloquy

313401860_72dff84cd3_zChat has been punctuated and formatted where appropriate.

Balk: Today I learned that the E "is particularly popular among sleepers in winter, because it runs 24 hours a day and is completely underground."

Choire: I hate the E most of all.

Dusty: Yeah the E is pretty good for a nap.

Emma: Name one time you were happy to see the E.

Choire: I took it to JFK… ONCE.
It was pretty intense.

Adam: Fuck the E.
The E doesnt run to JFK.
It stops at WTC.
The E always shows up when i am waiting for the C.
Fucking useless garbage train.

Choire: The other way, Adam.
The E is seven stops to Jamaica from LIC.

Adam: Don't believe you.

Edith: Plus all the Es are new, so she always glides in all shiny and pretty, like "look at me aren't I nice" but no one wants you, you stupid bitch who goes nowhere.

Emma: Lol.
No time for that.

Do YOU have feelings about the E? Probably.

Photo by Mike Knell, via Flickr

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Aatom (#74)

Say what you want, but if you lived at the Jamaica/Van Wyck stop in Queens for a year and a half 14 years ago, the E was the only thing that kept you sane. That baby packs serious heat once you get out of Manhattan, hurtling underneath Queens Blvd toward the ends of the Earth. Our illegal basement apt. was a complete shit-hole, often literally filling up with feces, but I knew the E train would get me to the city reliably and as quickly as possible. It even has its own unique rumble that far out. The E is cool by me.

sarahpm (#13,702)

don't you mean probabl-E

sarahpm (#13,702)

yes taking the E to JFK is intense. It is frustrating to see an E when you want to see an A. But that's not the poor E's fault.

I love the E. It takes me one stop to my job in the morning and it takes me to my favorite movie theater in 7 minutes.

stuffisthings (#1,352)

I heard they were setting up this cool residency program for public masturbators.

@stuffisthings True subway aficionados know this is possible because the next to last car on every IND train comes with its own cabaret license. Felix Rohatyn negotiated this provision as part of his efforts to extract New York from the fiscal crisis in the mid–70s.

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

"Adam: Fuck the E.
The E doesnt run to JFK."

Just get out of the way, tourist.

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

"no one wants you, you stupid bitch who goes nowhere."

What in the fucking fuck. For all of us who live along the L, you take the E from the 8 Ave stop to get to West 4 and Spring street stops, and also to 34th and 8th (to get to B&H, duh!). Plus, for those who live in Manhattan, it's the fastest way to get to JFK (and to La Guardia too!) – because it runs express through the damn Queens.

Yeah, it's a bum train, but as if anything in this city is perfect. If you have sensitive senses, you are living in a wrong city, E or no E.

Susie Nonpenguin (#261,462)

I love the E. JFK, 53rd/Lexington, Penn Station (thence to EWR), bowels of the ATT building. It goes where it needs to go.

BadUncle (#153)

I had a year-long gig with a design firm in midtown and the client was in Tribeca. The vacant E cars were like my own private railroad system for status meetings. As a special-interest beneficiary of the this route, j'adore the E.

I have no use for a train that doesn't go to Brooklyn. The G is more useful than the E. Fuck it in the ear.

H_Badger (#8,935)

Direct shot from AirTrain to 53rd and Lexington? What's the problem again?

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