Can You Guess What The Weather Is Going To Be Like This Week?

This motherfucker“It will get down to the teens tonight and stay cold through Wednesday. Then comes another storm. If it dumps snow, it could bring 10 inches. If it’s rain, it could be the most we’ve had since December. If it’s something in between, it will be a huge drag.”
—I saw a weather forecast at the end of last week that ended with, “March 1st is only 3 weeks away!” So that’s where we are. The prophecy was true. When the most optimistic thing the weather people can tell you about the future is that there’s no way we can keep the calendar from eventually turning over you have to realize that we are in a world where winter’s frigid claw refuses to release its harsh, unrelenting grip on our fragile, freezing necks until the sun finally emerges at some distant point we can only dream about. Also our freezing shoulders. My shoulders seem cold all the time now. I hope it’s just this neverending season of cold and not a medical condition. Anyway, there is plenty more unpleasantness ahead in your life, and for once I am just talking about the weather.