M83, "I Need You"

I recently experienced a stunning revelation about the aging process that, as is the case with any worthwhile realization, caused me to fully reevaluate a firmly-held conviction and ultimately made me a wiser, more sympathetic person to all those for whom it has occurred. Anyway, for a long time I was completely convinced that people became “old” when their fear of new developments and technologies outweighed the innate curiosity and excitement we tend to feel when introduced to something of which we have been previously ignorant. In this conception aging is not so much a function of chronology or exhaustion as it is a result of uneasiness or discomfort with the challenge of mastering something unfamiliar, after which you become progressively less conversant with the culture of the day. What I have now come to understand is that, rather than any sort of terror or dismay, this lack of involvement springs from an abiding belief that not only are these innovative items irrelevant, engaging with them would be an actual waste of the little time and energy one has left in this world. “Let the kids have their fun,” is the sentiment here, “I’ve seen it all before in countless other forms and now that I am close to death I have a much clearer awareness of just how worthless it all is.” Let me give you an example: I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Divergent from both the young people in my orbit and some of the older people I hang around who should know better but sadly try too hard. I understand that it is a hot new thing, and it is all anyone will be talking about whenever the hell it comes out (if that has not already happened). I think it’s a movie, although it could easily be a TV series or a book or whatever. (Maybe it’s a webcast!) Anyway, the point is, not only do I not have a shit to give, I am not particularly interested in digging around in my cabinet of remaining shits to find a shit with which to make even the token effort of handing over. I don’t know about Divergent, I am not going to ever know about Divergent and I in no way feel bad about either my nescience of or apathy toward Divergent. In fact, I feel pretty fucking liberated by my lack of knowledge in this regard, and if such an emphatic amount of joy in ignorance makes me old, so be it. Anyway, the M83 song above comes from the Divergent soundtrack (which I guess means it’s a movie) and I at least still know about M83. The song is pretty good. Give it a listen if you’d like. And if not, I completely understand. [Via]