Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Love Letter to Concrete

"Those staircases like fists, those abstract angles so bloody sure of themselves – that bravado rubbed people up the wrong way. For 30 years, these civic megaliths were the most hated buildings in history. But today, the ones that remain are making our hearts skip a beat. Brutalist buildings inhabit a polarised world of love and hate, life and death." [Related]

Concrete by Rick.

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As in any genre of any art there are going to be a few glorious, successful beauties and a great mass of snaffling, snorting pugs weighing them down.

Also obligatory "buildings/whores/age/respect" reference.

1426778196@twitter (#272,021)

I love how things become valuable and memorable over time. I think that concrete buildings are pretty awesome and they give a nice change of scenery from the rest of the city. I think that I am going to integrate a lot of concrete into my dream house to make it have a more modern feel to it.


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