Chvrches, "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

I was just listening to Bauhaus’ original of this song last night (it is a long story, but I promise you I am not some kind of vampire who spends his evenings listening to the music of his youth and lamenting all the things he has lost as the years have passed by; vampires aren’t real!) and thinking about how as much as Peter Murphy’s vocals are integral to its mood one of the most amazing things is how the assemblage of the guitar scratches and pops and screechy bits that would come to be instantly recognizable as the Bauhaus sound was there right at the beginning, which leads me to believe that if you are going to cover this song—and it seems like a no-win proposition, because the old folks will never accept it while the kids will be all, “Needs more bloop-bleep-drop” etc.—it is probably best to take it on in your own style, if you have one, so I am happy to hear that that is what Chrvches did here. I don’t know that I’d play this over and over, but I also don’t think it’s the disaster that it might have been, and most days “not the disaster that it might have been” is better than I expect out of things, so let’s all give it a listen.