What Makes America's Richest People Turn Into A Bunch Of Whiny-Ass Babies At The Merest Hint Of Criticism?

Why do rich people get so upset when their motives are questioned? I have a theory that involves the Death of Shame and our society’s sick insistence that not only should we not be criticized for avaricious behaviors that we would once have hidden away or at least minimized the visibility of but now we demand respect for those same disgusting acts and so many of our high society scumbags have actually been receiving that sort of admiration for so long that when someone starts to say, “Wait, not only is this gross and unseemly, it is in fact destructive to the very fabric of society,” not only do they feel affronted but it is as if a fundamental social contract has been broken, which, really, is somewhat understandable since we have spent the last thirty years glamorizing psychopathy and treating self-interest as an aspirational act, but I don’t know what I’m talking about most of the fucking time so it is fortunate that better minds than mine have given it some deeper thought.