Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

What Should We Call People Who Enjoy A Drink?

They seem fun."Everybody thinks they know what an 'alcoholic' is, but what about those who drink too much but fall short of the common definitions of alcoholism? Should there be a word that bridges the gap between alcoholic and non-alcoholic?"
—Yes! How about "pal," "buddy," "friend," "fun person," "bon vivant," "life enjoyer" or "someone other people want to be around"? I think all of those work!

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"Alcohol dependent" was what I called myself (I've since given up the drink). But I think "drinker" works just as well.

the teeth (#380)

I'm afraid all of those alternative terms are already taken as synonyms for 'alcoholic'.


sigerson (#179)

"wine lover"

sigerson (#179)

"craft beer enthusiast"

sigerson (#179)

"vodka afficionado"

sigerson (#179)

"she likes to party"

sigerson (#179)


alicesherman (#237,158)

"alice sherman"

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