Friday, January 31st, 2014

Week Disliked

This man is right: It has been a brutal, pitiless collection of days that has seemed at every moment as if it were going to spiral out violently with no fixed conclusion. I am not actually going to believe that January is over until we reach March. The days, the week, the month: endless nightmares highlighting the sheer ache of existence all. Have you had a rough week? Tell us in the comments!

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robert deadford (#259,281)

Don't forget the quiet, trembling unease you feel constantly in both professional AND emotional spheres of your life to start off the year! But yes, especially this week: Fuck It.

Mike_B (#239,283)

We started off early on Sunday morning by having to take our 9 day old baby to the NICU to get 2 blood transfusions. He's ok now, but still. We spent 2 days in a children's hospital. So everyone in my house is a total wreck except the baby.

Apollo's Twin (#259,283)

Stop this "Middlemarch" madness! The book isn't good enough to warrant the stir it has on the internets. Somebody spare us, please.

Parsnip (#238,903)

@ellecat i haven't read it yet but i disagree.

Liz R (#234,893)

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I was at work for 12 or 13 hours each day. Today may be similar. This is what happens when all of your donor reports are due at once and you don't plan ahead sufficiently.

goodiesfirst (#3,448)

I mocked Drynuary, mixed wine, beer and liquor in the same evening, then fell off a curb and knocked my two front teeth out. I blame this endless week.

ejcsanfran (#489)

@goodiesfirst: I'm observing Drynuary. Frankly, I think you got the better deal.

goodiesfirst (#3,448)

@ejcsanfran Says the free-floating tooth…

Bryan Keller (#3,804)

Eh, I got my heat turned back on. You really don't appreciate things like indoor heating until they are taken away. But I have a generally pleasant relationship with existence. Sure, I'm not totally grooving on love or work right now, but just being here is kinda fun.

vilkomerson (#37)

Yes. This week is the worst.

I had a 730am meeting on Tuesday and was answering emails til 10pm Tuesday and Wednesday night. It's been a miserable week so I took Monday off to get hammered on Sunday night and erase Dryuary from my mind.

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