Thursday, January 16th, 2014

More Banking Bonus Discussions Should Be Scored To Songs About Women With Large Asses

"Tory MP Shailesh Vara and Labour's Caroline Flint's heated debate about banking bonuses was momentarily halted as the song Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen started blarring out from Nick Robinson's iPad on BBC's Daily Politics show. The two MPs were on the show with host Andrew Neil and the BBC political editor reviewing Prime Minister's Questions, when out of the blue, their discussion of banker's bonuses was interrupted by the Nick Robinson's tablet ringtone playing the soft rock hit."


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Mr. B (#10,093)

"tablet ringtone"

Are … people now using tablets as telephones, too? I guess I can't say I'm surprised, but I am pretty sad.

pengin (#224,637)

"soft rock"? Queen were heavy as shit.

sharilyn (#4,599)

wait ….. this wasn't just a weird dream I had?

This would never happen in a country without electricity.

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