What Happens When A Video Is Reupped Over And Over Again?

You know, when I was a kid—NO WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I promise, it’s relevant! Okay, anyway: When I was a kid the big question was what would an image look like if you made a copy of it and then a copy of the copy and then a copy of the copy of the copy and so on until whoever was the office manager of the place where your parents parked you while they were at work came and yelled at you to stop hogging the Xerox machine. Anyway, times have changed, I guess, so now the mystery concerns what a YouTube video looks like after you rip it from YouTube and then re-upload it 1,000 times. If you didn’t learn the answer back in 2010 when this went up for the first time, you can learn it now, because I guess we’re moving to a world wide web where “currency” and “freshness” are no longer concerns. Maybe we can brand it as vintage Internet or artisanal content or something. Anyway, I didn’t realize this was that old until I went to get the embed code, and by that point I had already written it up, with tags and slugs and everything, so I’ll be damned if I’m gonna discard it and go search for something new, you know? There are still like 15 more posts that need to get slotted in today, I don’t have time to toss something overboard just because it has probably been through the Internet rinse cycle a dozen times already. If you don’t like it wait for a bit and something else will come along. God, just get OFF MY BACK.