Local Press Gets In One Last "Where's The Mayor?" Story

cawmotherfuckers“Rather than acknowledging that he sometimes leaves town, the mayor insists that his private time is his private time and the public doesn’t have the right to know where he is when he’s off the clock. But the challenge of being mayor of New York City is that you’re never really off the clock; it’s the most public job north of the White House. And it’s simply jarring and a little weird not to see the mayor on TV when disaster strikes and then there’s no explanation forthcoming about his absence. The mayor insists that he’s not a first responder, that his job isn’t to fix the railroad or put out a fire. And while that may be true, to be mayor of new York isn’t to just be a good city manager; it’s to lead. Although he’s been in office since 2002, Bloomberg has never really embraced the part of the job that had La Guardia reading the funny papers to kids on the radio during a newspaper strike or Ed Koch cheering commuters as they crossed the Brooklyn Bridge during a transit shutdown. Bloomberg’s efforts at fulfilling that role have been half-hearted and mostly fallen flat.”
Haven’t we all had enough of this? Maybe it’s time we get a new mayor.