These Adorable Puppies Will Leave You Unable To Express Yourself In Human Sound And Then When You Finally Regain The Power Of Speech You Will Choose Not To Make Use Of It Because Your Heart Will Have Been So Melted By The All-Consuming Cuteness Of The Puppies That You Will Reevaluate Every Decision You Have Made In Your Life Thus Far Until You Realize That Your Absent-Minded Pursuit Of Financial Rewards And Personal Acclaim Has Been A Shallow Quest Which Even The Most Total And Complete Achievement Thereof Would Not Wind Up Providing You With The Spiritual Satisfaction You Would Find In Devoting Yourself To The Selfless Assistance Of Those In Our Society Who Are In The Most Serious Need Of Aid And You Will Briefly Consider Casting Off Your Worldly Possessions And Joining An Organization Whose Sole Goal Is Ministering To The Neediest And Just As You Are About To Make The Call You Will Notice A Friend Has Emailed You A Link To A List With The Stunningly Clickable Headline "These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 6th One. There Are No Words" And Even Though You Like To Think You Are A Better Person Than That (And Even If You Try To Tell Yourself You Are Only Clicking On It To Make Fun Of It) You Will Click Through And Suddenly All Of Your Good Intentions Will Be Forgotten, Only To Resurface Every Now And Again At Recurring But Rapidly Diminishing Intervals As Brief Feelings Of Unease And Lack Of Fulfillment In Your Life That You Will Forcefully Ignore Until You Finally Die