Be Less Lonely

“Turn being alone into a positive. Do things you enjoy doing alone, like reading or walking. But make it part of your routine to be around people. Join a club, volunteer. If all else fails, have dinner at the bar in your favorite restaurant. Talk to the bartender.”
Here are some tips to help you get over loneliness. It sucks to be sad, but I guess given everything that goes on it is probably inevitable, and as long as sorrow is what they’re serving up you may as well take it at a table with somebody who might at least smile at you and make you feel like you’re not invisible. I mean, if that’s your thing. Some people actually don’t mind being alone. Or, more accurately, they have come to the conclusion that they are completely detestable creatures whose mere presence is an awful reminder of the myriad human failings to which we are all susceptible, and they make every event they attend that much more awkward and uncomfortable by showing their stupid faces, so they have resigned themselves to the realization that it is probably better for everyone if they stay far away from anyone good because that is about the best they deserve and they don’t really even deserve that. But that’s just someone I know, the rest of you should totally get out there. Also, sometimes this helps.