Parents Pull Kids From School To Protest Barbara Ehrenreich, Eric Schlosser, Bill Ayers and Justin Bieber

Parents protesting the “Common Core” curriculum on the grounds that it promotes tyranny and/or makes their kids feel stupid are keeping their children home today. This is basically a protest of parents who are too lazy to home-school their kids. If you’re not familiar with the opposition to Common Core, this policy paper blames Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Bill Ayers and protests the literature being taught in schools, all while not being able to use commas properly: “Typical are adaptations of popular adult nonfiction books like Fast Food Nation, the socialist tract, Nickel and Dimed, and books about teen idol Justin Bieber.” And the most damning truth of all: “What Common Core will in effect do is allow the infusion of ‘social justice’ objectives and a leveling of all students.” Oh noooooo.