Would You Rather Read A JFK Assassination Liveblog Or Watch Someone Take A Needle To The Eye?

Okay, I know I was all, hold out, we’re going to get through this death orgy together, but they are not making it easy, particularly when your inbox fills up with stuff like this:

To remember this tragic day and provide historical context to those who did not live through it, Boston.com will present a unique experience – a historically accurate live blog featuring a timeline of November 22, 1963 – as the site would have reported the assassination using today’s technology…. A team of Boston.com digital producers and editors… have spent weeks gathering photos, videos, and multimedia from a number of sources – including the JFK Library in Boston – to offer their readers an insightful look into the assassination.

I guess you could do that, or you could watch the video above, which is probably just as informative and even more aesthetically pleasurable. Good fucking Lord.