The Last JFK Assassination Extravaganza

Given that we have finally arrived at the long-awaited point in American history when the Baby Boom generation starts to die off en masse it seems likely that this 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination will be the last big hurrah for all the identical boring stories you have to hear from old people about how their high school gym teachers blew a whistle and brought them all to the center of the room to tell them the President had been shot etc. and then Woodstock changed music, man. So if you can just make it through this weekend’s final orgy of “Camelot” and “shattered innocence” and “lost hope” and “the seven seconds that broke the back of the American century” and whatever, you’re probably fine from here on out until my generation starts doing our fetishization of the Challenger disaster or the kids who came after go all in on 9/11. Until then you can try to enjoy bits of JFK nostalgia like this one, which, at least in the printed version of the paper, comes with the enjoyable headline “The spy who b*** them!