Let's Celebrate The Borodin Bicentennial Early, Just In Case

We are twenty years away from what would with any justice be a huge bicentennial celebration of the birth of my favorite Russian composer, Alexander Borodin, but based on current conditions and trendlines, the odds that we will be in a position to do any amount of commemorating come 2033 seem so slim that there are probably pro-ana sites devoted to their thinness on Tumblr right now. I mean, I will almost certainly be dead by then, and your time will be spent in an exhausting slog of fire avoidance and killer machine evasion, so any celebrations on that day will involve your family cheering you on for capturing a small rodent that you can kill and eat to provide you with the base amount of protein you need to aid you in your continued pursuit of fleeing from death. So maybe it is better if we note the birth of Russian composer Alexander Borodin today, 180 years after it happened. And good luck to you with your future, I cannot pretend that I will be sorry to miss it.