Drinking Makes You Thin And Healthy And Don't Read Any More

Health nut“[Y]ou may be surprised to learn that there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the idea that alcohol makes you put on weight. That’s hugely counter-intuitive, I know, because alcohol certainly is said to contain lots of calories. But the curious fact remains that alcohol isn’t fattening. Here’s just some of the evidence.
Now you could click through to see what this evidence says and decide for yourself whether or not Science writer Tony Edwards’ claim that alcohol is actually good for your health meets the kind of rigorous standards one might demand from such a remarkable assertion, or you could just decide that you’re going to take his word for it and the next time someone comes up to you and says, “Isn’t it possible that the reason you are an unattractive overweight slob whose life is in an irrevocable downward spiral and whose poor decisions and unresolved issues are no longer even within your control and whose mental health is deteriorating even more rapidly than your physical well-being might at the very least be something exacerbated by your troubling dependency on alcohol?” you can simply slur, “Nah, Science says it’s GOOD FOR ME!” The choice is yours! And we know how good you are with choices.

Photo by Jiri Miklo, via Shutterstock