A Life-Changing Invention: The In-Window Cat Litter Box

Since 1945, man has been shoving air conditioners through his windows. Despite our fears, very rarely is someone wounded by a falling air conditioner. We have the technology. We have mastered gravity. It’s time to shove our cats out the windows.

If we can put a cat in space, which we have been doing since 1963, we can put a cat box outside our space, and therefore end our suffering at the hands (??) of our cats. (Our cat’s butts, I guess.)

We’re edging slowly closer to this goal.

The Whiskervent sucks air out your window through a hose; so does the Littervent. The Cat Jet is a pretty impressive home-built version; you can make one yourself. Let Meow’t makes a window-box outdoor perch and also an in-window cat door.

But even the best litterboxes (or at least the most attractive) don’t disguise that an animal is crapping in your house.

It is time to let our cats dangle. What if I told you that your cats could crap outside, even if you lived in a small Manhattan apartment?

Made of a hardy metal, the Cat Conditioner (or The Window Cat; can’t decide!) is mounted like any air conditioner, with an exterior bracket, a front-of-window screw system, and a lock mount for the top of the bottom window. Venting occurs through holes on the side of the exterior of the unit, so that it doesn’t rain in your cat’s crapping area.

Finally, the front panel slides easily forward, bringing the litter tray into the room for easy cleaning.

Some day the highrises of New York City will be adorned with extruded cat boxes. The city will be both rat- and vermin-free but also not filled with stench!

An exterior view:

Aren’t you tired of marinating in your cat’s foul odors? It is time.

Thank you for your attention. To prove my point further here is that weird gif of cats in space.