Friday, September 20th, 2013

Bloomberg Cronies Desperately Trolling To Recast The Bloomberg Era As "Progressive"

Oh, the Bloomberg army is on the defensive now, after the election, and after everyone declaring themselves fed up with Bloombergianism—and also with Bloomberg running around just being a straight up dick to everyone. So Kevin Sheekey is "putting some things out there" now. Kevin Sheekey, you may not know, is a Bloomberg lifer who was a Washington lobbyist for Bloomberg LP, worked on the election, oversaw the Republican convention here (that went fairly poorly—for residents, not for Republicans), did some time as a deputy mayor and then eventually went back to Bloomberg LP. Of course. Here's what he's on about—and it's incredibly frustrating, because when you start distorting the record, trying to recast Bloomberg as the "real" progressive, you take away from us the ability to say "Yes, there are a lot of good things about New York City now!" Instead we have to say, wow, you're full of it.

Oh, and how do I know he's doing this? Because Sheekey bought a promoted Tweet to take his ideas to the people. If only Bloomberg had a media company.

Enjoy your nationwide trend. In fact, New York City lagged behind in improvement the last few years; the national rate dropped 8% while New York City's rate dropped 5%. WHY IS BLOOMBERG FAILING OUR TEENAGE GIRLS?

"The poverty rate rose to 21.2 percent in 2012, from 20.9 percent the year before, meaning that 1.7 million New Yorkers fell below the official federal poverty threshold. That increase was not statistically significant, but the rise from the 2010 rate of 20.1 percent was."

The New York Times yesterday. The national poverty rate is 15%.

The bullshit in this one is deep. Fortunately we've asked and answered this one at great length. Not only is there very little affordable housing being created (as opposed to preserved), there's very little housing at all being created. So yeah: the plan is impressive! The execution is not (although you gotta give the Bloomberg administration a lot of credit for hammering away at trying to keep affordable housing, a thankless and expensive task).

Yeah so that is a link to an article that is about how all schools should be charter schools basically and we should abandon public education, it's kind of insane. I don't even know what we're supposed to say to that. "No"?

That's weird, no link? Here's the link! Public schools… sort of! "16 of the schools have selective admission criteria — based on test scores, gifted and talented exams or other factors — while two are charter schools run independently of the district."

The City has done a very good job planting trees! Even I, who complain about everything, cannot believe people are complaining about more trees.

This recasting of the Bloomberg era will be stronger and stronger here in the last few months. Be aware! If you see something, say something, preferably to the cop who has illegally stopped you and frisked you.

But seriously guys. It's almost over. You can trash de Blasio next year! Now you're in the homestretch. Just be chill, and everyone will thank you for your service. Oh and try to keep Bloomberg from being an asshole? If you're concerned about "optics," maybe start there!

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SkinnyNerd (#224,784)

At the beginning of the Bloomberg era, I was mispronouncing your name choir plus "e," or something akin to quarry. At the end of the Bloomberg era, I pronounce your name correctly, but mispronounce choir, Cory. I guess what I am saying is there will always be something wrong with this city. But yeah, fuck Bloomberg anyway.

sigerson (#179)

Bloomberg was awesome as mayor. I wish he could serve a fourth term. Competence without ideology is a wonderful thing. Yes, he is a dick and obscenely wealthy but his performance on the job has been superb.

The de Blasio administration will hopefully get their shit together but, from what I'm hearing, the brain drain at City Hall is going to be DRAMATIC. BDB is going to have no one to run all these agencies and he has no management experience at all, so….

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

@sigerson Yeah, no ideology. No cronyism. No corruption. Yet somehow, everyone will leave their posts, even though it will still be the same city, the same citizenry, the same work, the same pay. If they were all about competency, they wouldn't be leaving. Plus, it irks me when people talk about brains in politics or finance. Unless it's scientists we are talking about, people's brains are HIGHLY replaceable, believe me.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

I need to get me some cronies.

Legs Battaglia (#2,484)

I think your analysis of the housing plan is a bit flawed. I don't think you would completely dismiss the relevance of the preservation of affordable housing if you talked to some of the tenants in these distressed buildings that are getting rehabilitated while maintaining affordable rents for the tenants in place.

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