Friday, April 5th, 2013

The Entire History Of Human Communication Culminates In This Moment

"@dogboner: [Wood Thrush] is some weird math tutor from Jersey that made the jump to Twitter and tweets about wanting to fuck underage girls. That's his gimmick. 'I'm a loser. I'm fat. I fucking stink.' Years ago, @tree_bro got into an argument about something or other which lead to Wood Thrush blocking him. I got a facebook message from @tree_bro one day saying he found out where Wood Thrush lived and he was going to take pictures of him inside his house. @tree_bro sent me the pics and I sent them to another guy from FYAD, 'Wulgus'. The owner of SomethingAwful got a letter from a police detective requesting logs because Wood Thrush apparently went to the police. He wanted all the posts by a user named 'Wulgus', was some made up FYAD word. So you have this detective emailing requesting more info from Wulgus from the Fuck You And Die forums. It was all very absurd. Wood Thrush stopped posting in FYAD after that."
—Amazingly, that's not all!

Photo by NYC Wanderer


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Danzig! (#5,318)

Wood Thrush is/was Mobutu Sese Seko of Gawker fame, if that's not clear.

Remember your first internet forum? Remember the people everyone seemed to believe were cool? Remember how sad and venal they were in retrospect? Remember how some of them clearly suffered from intense mental illness? Imagine if Katie Natoupolis endlessly fawned over them on a major website.

@Danzig! "Wood Thrush is/was Mobutu Sese Seko of Gawker fame, if that's not clear."

Ahaha ok, whatever you say, dude.

hazmathilda (#839)

@Danzig! No, Mobute is Boniface of Helldump fame

Danzig! (#5,318)

@Danzig! You're right, I got my stories mixed up

Flashman (#418)

I've spent a bit of time on the Fuck You And Die forums.
Not a place for the thin-skinned.

And then Rip Torn hit him with a hammer.

deepomega (#1,720)

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