Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The Only Turkish Restaurant in London You Need to Follow on Twitter

Now the most delightful restaurant in the English-speaking world is in… Shacklewell? At the top of Hackney? No, sorry, ugh, London, technically they're at the top of Dalston, which is just up from Shoreditch? If that helps? "Across the street from the Istanbul Restaurant on Stoke Newington Road?" Yeah, me neither. Thanks to exceptional and prolonged tweet work, the London restaurant that most of us have never been to is now the most alluring place imaginable.


In conclusion, America sucks.

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alanbee (#242,981)

They also do great kebabs and Gilbert & George eat dinner there every night

tampopo (#4,736)

The best thing is that Mangal 2 is actually legitimately one of the best (and inexpensive) places to eat in London. It's one of the many reasons why I maintain that London has better food than New York.

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