Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

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Murgatroid (#2,904)

Command + F "Glenn Kenny": Not found

A wonderful piece, Jane, and a dilemma I often wrestle with.

Despite the exhaustive research above, it's clear that there's no one way to incorporate film criticism into Twitter. Is that a problem? For me – as both a critic and henceforth a follower of other film critics – I'd say no.

The one thing I find infuriating is when the scales tip and people use a work Twitter handle to prattle on about the terrible weather, tonight's tea, and other such trivialities. Usually, you'd think the more prestigious the critic, the more stimulating their Twitter feed must be. Unfortunately that's not always the case.

You're absolutely right about film festivals though. Particularly during Cannes, when my jealousy gets the better of me and I have to shut down my feed altogether.

sognodisonno (#234,791)

"While the wonderful and renowned Roger Ebert is on Twitter, and continues to blog…"

Sad face.

Yow, crazy timing on that.

Sasha Stone feels that Bret Easton Ellis isn't worthy to be mentioned in the The Awl piece. She dislikes him because, one, he trashed 'Lincoln' and everyone knows she has lady-boners for Daniel Day Lewis and, two, because he is sexist. She always chimes in whenever she feels Hollywood is threatened by powerful women (Bigelow, Ramsey).

This grandstanding by Sasha Stone is pure BS.

She is close friends with Jeff Wells, a guy who has repeatedly criticized women solely on their looks and showers praise and adulation for the attractive ones (he LOVES Jennifer Lawrence). Sasha Stone adores Jeff. Laughs endlessly at his "jokes". They do podcasts. They hang out together with her daughter at festivals.

How embarassing for a "feminist".

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