Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The Shocking Truth About Rich People

When a society spends thirty years not only allowing a small number people to amass ludicrous amounts of money for valueless transactions that serve mostly to further exacerbate the dangerous imbalance in income stratification at a time when "equality of opportunity" is no longer a concept to which the monied class and its elected representatives can pay lip service with a straight face, but also creating an environment in which the members of that same small group are praised for their avarice and paraded in public as benevolent engines of commerce whose success is all that fuels a supposedly vibrant economy for which the rest of us are supposed to be grateful, you can't exactly act surprised when they screw up the beach for everyone else in order to protect their expensive homes.


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Astigmatism (#1,950)

"Joshua Harris, a billionaire hedge fund founder . . . .
His neighbor, Mark Rachesky, another billionaire hedge fund founder . . . . Chris Shumway, who closed his $8 billion hedge fund two years ago . . . ."

Christ, what a hole of ass.

The photo makes that house look like it's about to be trampled by David Cross in a mole costume.

Smitros (#5,315)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose One can only hope.

deepomega (#1,720)

Let it sink into the sea, like Atlantis.

hershmire (#233,671)

Why don't they just command the sea to recede like King Cnut?

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