Thursday, April 11th, 2013

A Brief, Opinionated History of Taxes in America

Mike Duncan lives in Austin and is studying public history at Texas State University. He used to write The History of Rome podcast. Jason Novak is head illustrator at The Rumpus and a regular contributor to The Paris Review Daily. Their other collaborations include She Nukes Me, She Nukes Me Not and Papal Abdication: A Potpourri of Popery.

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NinetyNine (#98)

Silver lining: this isn't a germane issue for most of the contributors in the Awl Network.

Tuna Surprise (#573)

Hey now! Some of us pay taxes even though we live and work abroad (damn you America and your taxable worldwide income!)

Danzig! (#5,318)

You know what's REALLY fun is explaining marginal taxation to people freaking out about changes to brackets.

Also it really really can't be understated what a shitshow the Bush tax cuts were / are. Fucking hell.

Also why is the Awl getting its cues from Reason magazine these days

Haha! :)

Well you know, we're, like, sympathizers.

Sean Lai (#14,158)

Holy crap, Mike Duncan! I am actually listening to the History of Rome podcasts on my subway commutes these days; I'm up to Commodus. Glad to see you're still doing stuff.

Lcanon (#240,865)

Those illustrations are making me swoon slightly because they're very Thurberesque.

@Lcanon Feifferian?

oneinthehand (#243,055)

A few things:
-its ironic you mention cold war "scare" tactics as a reason for raising taxes post WW2 all the while you're depicting the government as this big green "scary", sharp toothed monster. (We the people.)
-a child can point out problems in any situation; true leaders point out solutions.
-many people hide serious topics behind the veil of comedy to avoid the necessity to actually understand the topics and stand up for something. (think Jon Stewart – paraphrasing: don't judge me about my political jokes and commentary; my show airs after crank yankers! haha hehe)

Sjt (#6,917)

@oneinthehand Pretty sure the "big green scary monster" motif was meant to be intentionally ironic, since government isn't actually a big green scary monster except in the mind of those who have expressed a desire to bathtub drown it.

beatbeatbeat (#3,187)

@oneinthehand Did this comment time-travel here from 2005?

paulbsa (#243,065)

So basically, that was just a long, drawn out, biased history lesson to say "It's all Bush's fault!"?

Sjt (#6,917)

@paulbsa Except for the "long, drawn out, biased part" of your description, you are correct.

Although I guess it was technically "drawn out".

Momster (#242,533)

@paulbsa Not just Bush. Don't forget Reagan, the president of the rich.

Man to Man is a kind of God, etc. etc.

PITAR (#243,191)

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