Friday, March 15th, 2013

Yelawolf's New Look: Leon Redbone

The cover to Alabama rapper Yelawolf's new mixtape exemplifies two schools of artwork that we've investigated here at The Awl. 1) The prominent-sunglasses album cover and 2) Rappers with American flags. But, oddly, the above image is reminiscent of nothing so much as traditionalist troubadour Leon Redbone.

Here is Yelawolf's new video.

Here is Leon Redbone performing on "The Tonight Show" in 1985.

Same deal.

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As a kid I thought Leon Redbone was just another Don Novello character. The only thing I think about Yelawolf is that he should be called Yelabone.

Barry Grant (#239,287)

@My Number Is My Address

I thought Redbone was Frank Zappa in disguise.

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