Brave Heroes Denied $1.3 Million Reward For Finding Killer Cop

You know what? Drones ARE better than human soldiers and cops.When the ex-LAPD supervillain Christopher Dorner rampaged across Southern California last month, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a million-dollar reward for information leading to Dorner’s capture. Three brave heroes who survived their encounters with Dorner have since claimed the reward, but the stingy governments and groups who offered the money now refuse to pay because Dorner somehow didn’t survive an army of cops roasting and demolishing the mountain cabin he holed up inside for his last stand.

Jim and Karen Reynolds survived a real-life crappy thriller movie when Dorner tied them up and held them prisoner in their nearby vacation cabin, and Rick Heltebrake lived through a harrowing carjacking by Dorner. Now the so-called community leaders who offered the reward are saying, “Ehh, Dorner didn’t actually make it to being convicted, so maybe we’ll just keep this money.”

A lawyer working for the Reynolds couple says local governments cannot get out of paying the reward just because Dorner died in the battle. “California law Penal Code 1547E states that local government is authorized to issue rewards that are paid on the capture and/or conviction of the suspect, and if the suspect dies, in the course of a police dispute or while in police custody then the requirement that he be convicted is eliminated,” attorney Kirk Hallam told ABC News in Los Angeles.

There’s a law for this because California cops are all crazy war veterans and cyborgs, and pretty much any Wanted Suspect ends up full of bullets, or burnt down to a skeleton, or exploded.