Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Rich People Eat Like This, and Everybody Else Pays At the Counter

America."Darden Restaurants (DRI) has been struggling to make its brands relevant again as diners increasingly head to chains like Chipotle and Panera, where they feel they're getting restaurant-quality food without paying as much. As it looks for ways to catch up to shifting trends, Red Lobster this week started testing a 'pay-at-the-counter' concept at two locations near its headquarters."
The great divide between people who like to occasionally eat at a restaurant with table service and the food-obsessed coastal elite snobs grew a little wider this week, as mall chain stalwart Red Lobster began selling its Krab Dinners at the counter, McDonaldland-style.

Photo by Daniel Oines.

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Pop Socket (#187)

I live in Maryland where fresh seafood is plentiful so the thought of eating at a Red Lobster ever is very unappetizing.

deepomega (#1,720)

Is the fact that FRESH FISH and CHOWDER as so impossibly separated supposed to be a metaphor?

banksters (#239,738)

Sites like Yelp are killing chains like Red Lobster, Chilis, TGI Fridays, etc. We only used to go to these restaurants because we knew what to expect. Mom and pops FTW.

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