Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Bay Area Real Estate Agents Are Kind of Making Fun of You

Oh for christ's sake ..."'Asking prices' are not that at all. They are 'marketing prices.' Buyers should never reflexively assign any validity to the price advertised on any particular property. Listing agents purposely under price their properties for sale and set an offer date. 'Why?' individuals may ask. They do it because it works."
Are you in the market for buying a home in the San Francisco Bay Area? Sorry to hear about that.

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Sean Lai (#14,158)

I like Noe Valley too, dude, but you will sooner win a Pulitzer for best listicles on a New York-based web concern than find an affordable single-family home there.

P.S. someone get the Pulitzer Prize Committee to make a Best Listicles category

What causes a lower drop in your IQ: reading the bullshit a Realtor writes or listening to the bullshit a Realtor says?

deepomega (#1,720)

Never trust a realtor, because they get paid when they act untrustworthy.

namedropper (#8,938)

Real estate marketing is the last refuge of failed strivers.

julebsorry (#5,783)

Definitely – I feel confident trusting advice from realtors, like “So grit your teeth, close your eyes and jump in,” and "you'll definitely need to waive all your contingencies up front". Shut up and take my money!

Monitor (#1,784)

Via "PRWEB.COM Newswire" — imagine that.

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