Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Critic Notices Academy Awards Ignore "Excellent Movies" That Are Fun To Watch

It even had genital torture like that neocon blogger movie about killing Bin Laden!"But Skyfall does not fit into the Oscars' strangely limited and calcified definition of excellence. Neither does The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers or The Hunger Games, although all are excellent movies, well-cast and acted from fine scripts made better by good direction. Alas, they were also fun, and fun no longer fits the list of qualifiers for Oscar quality after all the Usual Suspects (grim, inspirational, historical), have been named."
Which of your favorite well-made, enjoyable movies from 2012 were ignored by the Academy Awards? And don't say Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter because that's what everybody says.

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shostakobitch (#1,692)

Dredd was the shit. But as usual my Oscars all go to "cool old shit I find out about and download from torrent sites" (and again, all of the awards are accepted by Sacheen Littlefeather).

Murgatroid (#2,904)

Premium Rush. Michael Shannon, really.

Dark Beauty (#4,046)

Pitch Perfect

dado (#102)

There are many things I don't understand about Hollywood, like Dax Shepard.

fieldish (#241,849)

Cloud Atlas

Amasa Amos (#9,654)

"The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers or The Hunger Games, although all are excellent movies, well-cast and acted from fine scripts"

Except for Marion Cotillard's death scene in The Dark Knight Rises, which was laughable.

Amasa Amos (#9,654)

Also: The Dark Knight Rises was fun?

ericdeamer (#945)

I sort of get what he's saying. The definition of what can be the "Best Picture" has totally qualified and for the most part excludes anything that's a genre film, but on the other hand TDKR and The Hunger Games and The Avengers already made like a gazillion dollars so is it really some huge injustice if they don't dominate awards season as well? It reminds me of when Sam Jackson sicced his fans on Tony Scott for writing a mixed review of The Avengers. Like, are these people so insecure that they not only need widespread popularity but critical praise and awards too? My bigger beef is that they literally never nominate comedies (not that I can think of a deserving comedy this year.)

ericdeamer (#945)

@ericdeamer "qualified" was supposed to be "calcified." I am the worst and should kill myself.

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

@ericdeamer Moonrise Kingdom?

ericdeamer (#945)

@Niko Bellic Yeah I guess Moonrise Kingdom was a comedy or dramedy or something as I guess Silver Linings Playbook nominally was and it was nominated.

s. (#775)

JCVD should be nominated for something for his performance in The Expendables 2.

And the Batman movie was neither fun nor excellent.

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