Thursday, February 14th, 2013

"You drive like an old man."

"I used to get irked with Toyota Prius owners. These guys are notorious for driving below posted speed limits, slowing to a stop far out from a stop sign or light, taking their sweet time when the light turns green or creeping through parking lots so silently that they startle pedestrians. [...] Now, I'm one of those annoying Prius drivers. 'I can't believe you,' my lovely wife said to me the other day. 'You drive like an old man.'"
Why do Prius drivers drive like that? Because they are basically playing a video game with the mileage.

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deepomega (#1,720)

"Efficiency Unappreciated"

laurel (#4,035)

There's also rolling down hill in a low gear, racking up Es. 'Sfun.

stinapag (#10,293)

My dad drove performance vehicles for years. Gas guzzling, torqued out, big engine cars that got from 0-60 on some nanosecond scale. (1969 912, 198something 928, 1990 Q45, 2000 911, 2002 X5).

Man got a Prius, and it's like I could walk faster. He's always playing the "can I not use gas?" game with his damned computer. Especially coming off lights. And the worst part? Damned Prius IS a pretty good performance vehicle.

Astigmatism (#1,950)

@stinapag Interesting political side note: Tom Tancredo drives, or at used to drive, a Prius, so that he could drive in carpool lanes.

"It “goes like a banshee,” he exclaimed, adding that he was not surprised that the son of another presidential candidate, Al Gore Jr., had been pulled over in a Prius while exceeding 100 mph. On the other hand, “it’s a little like driving a tin can on wheels in terms of the ride and the noise,” he said. So for longer distances he preferred the 2000 Cadillac De Ville."

stinapag (#10,293)

@Astigmatism Heh. Oh yeah. The Prius CAN perform, but he doesn't want to let it because of the computer telling him how much energy he's using.

Of course, he LOVES to drive my mom's VW Sportswagen TDI. Performance and decent gas mileage, without the constant monitoring. (That's what I drive, and I concur. It's a pretty fun ride if you're trying to go a little responsible in vehicle purchases.)

Faintly Macabre (#235,741)

@stinapag Back when I drove my parents' Prius, I usually drove it carefully for fear of pushing down the average MPG, but I had a second game: beat the SUVS that obnoxiously passed me for going the speed limit. (Also, sports cars, but that took more maneuvering than quick starts.) They have more zip than a lot of people think.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

Grand Theft Moped

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

Imagine how much better lover this guy would be if his lovely wife had a data display instead of a face.

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