Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Powerful New Kindle Update Deletes All Your eBooks

Build muscles and get rid of weird belly fat with these simple ebook exercises.If you enjoy reading Kindle-brand electronic books on your iPhone or iPad, you've surely had moments when the best idea seems to be just erasing all your ebooks. There's something about the shoddy copy-editing and optical-character-recognition errors and lame single jpeg of cover art and terribly rendered illustrations that really puts a spotlight on the bad corporate non-fiction titles you've somehow spent $13 a piece to accumulate "in the cloud." Wouldn't it just be better if Kindle developed a "killer app" that would erase all of this garbage?

"In shipping the latest version, apparently the company's QA testers somehow missed a bug that can delete your entire book collection from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Needless to say, user reviews on Apple's App Store haven't been kind after the issue was discovered," the Verge reports this morning. "Amazon has since updated the Kindle app's description with a warning urging iOS users to avoid hitting the update button."

Well, at least the books you actually like are on your bookshelf and cannot be erased until the terrible fire that ends all things.

(If your ebooks are on a Kindle or an Android or a Nook or who knows what else, then you are stuck with your crappy management ebooks your boss encouraged you to read before a big meeting at which the crappy management book was never mentioned because there was another round of layoffs that day, sorry.)

Photo by Dmitry Lobanov via Shutterstock.

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deepomega (#1,720)

Reading kindle books on the iPad – for people who genuinely don't understand why non-Apple products exist.

Jinxie (#240,695)

@deepomega I understand perfectly well why non-Apple products exist, but I had an iPad and an Amazon account and wanted to read e-books and didn't want (or need) to buy an additional electronic device just to read said e-books. So, you know, why not use what I already have?

So it's everybody back to books then?

SkinnyNerd (#224,784)

@My Number Is My Address Added bonus: out of all the burglaries in the world, not a single book was stolen.

emberglance (#7,305)

Yeah, as I updated the apps on my iPhone this morning I casually touched the Kindle icon to see of what the update might consist. Basically, the message was "this will screw everything up if you're on iOs. It is recommended you do not update this app".


melis (#1,854)

KEN am I supposed to hate working from home and WANT to be in the office are am I supposed to work from home and smugly congratulate myself for not having to read those management books?? This is a moot question, I have no job. Thank you for your time.

Ken Layne (#262)

@melis The Awl is a lifestyle magazine about your lifestyle, so yes, you should feel aspirational after completing anything ever posted here.

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