Friday, February 1st, 2013

The Last Lines, In Order, Of Every Major Character In The "30 Rock" Finale

16. Liz: She'll be like, "Whaaat?" (41:48)

15. Jack: Wait, you're Sam? (42:16)

14. Grizz: Wait, you're Sam? Don't even say it. (41:26)

13. Kenneth: So the whole show just takes place here at 30 Rockefeller Plaza—is that right, Ms. Lemon? [Yes sir...] I know, and I love it. (42:28)

12. Dot Com: Tracy is exactly where you think he is, Liz. It's the closest thing he has to hiding out in a church. (30:50)

11. Elisa: Thank you, you two, for blowing my brains. (14:04)

10. Lutz: Blimpie's! (31:22)

9. Josh: Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! (34:58)

8. Toofer: Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! (34:58)

7. Frank: Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! (34:58)

6. Tracy: My dad finally came back from getting cigarettes. (42:02)

5. Jonathan: You're no longer special to him! Get out! Get out of our lives! Yes! Hahaha! (19:46)

4. Cerie: Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! Cupcake sandwich! (34:58)

3. Pete: Who's Pete? I have amnesia. Aw, damn it, I practiced this. Hi, buddies! (42:20)

2. Jenna: See you later, suckas! Meep meep! Pewwwww! (41:41)

1. Nancy: Oh, Jack, porking in that prison basement was wicked awesome. (13:59)

Vijith Assar's favorite line was: "You frustrated me and you wore me out, but because the human heart is not properly connected to the human brain, I love you."

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hershmire (#233,671)

Nothing like a long list of spoilers on the front page of a blog.

pissy elliott (#397)

@hershmire It aired a day ago, the cat's kind of out of the bag

hershmire (#233,671)

@pissy elliott Some people catch up with shows after they air.

@hershmire Apart from "Cupcake sandwich!", I don't think any of these are really spoilers.

obsolete (#3,717)

@hershmire See the headline, then don't read the rest?

jfruh (#713)

Can't belive Grizz and not Dot Com got the spin-off :(

IBentMyWookie (#133)

@jfruh His Wesleyan drama background left him ill-suited for network tv work

deepomega (#1,720)

@jfruh Hard to conceive of a sitcom-y title for the name Dot Com. Grizz and Hers is just perfect.

nana@twitter (#241,334)

Can someone explain to me about the "you're sam" jokes from Jack and Grizz? I don't get it

@nana@twitter Sam was the name of the eggplant in the unproduced sequel to "The Shadow" that Kevin Brown (who plays DotCom) wrote. It's kind of meta but very funny.

nana@twitter (#241,334)


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