NYT's International Herald Tribune Renamed "International New York Times" For Some Reason

Newspapers are such a pain in the ass.Long ago, before foreigners got the Internet, a real pleasure of foreign travel was picking up the International Herald Tribune and reading the Dave Barry column and some “Classic Peanuts” on the half page of comics. There was news, too, but you already knew the headlines from the BBC World Service or SkyNews or CNN International playing in the hotel lobby. Still, it was nice to sit in a cafe and not work and read a good newspaper, especially one with such a romantic name: The International Herald Tribune.

There were a handful of really good columnists and reporters (especially on the Arts, Fashion, Food and Architecture beats!) who were exclusive to the IHT, but even 20 years ago the bulk of the very thin broadsheet was recycled New York Times and Washington Post copy. And if you’ve got the NYT stuff, you certainly didn’t need the Post stuff, and few readers mourned the New York takeover of the co-published paper in 2003.

Today, after many years of insisting that the IHT brand would always be preserved, the New York Times Company announced that its international paper would now be called the International New York Times. That’s an incredibly shitty name that makes no sense at all! Whether it makes any difference to the retired people who still buy the IHT in Paris because their iPads won’t connect to the stupid Internet for some reason, nobody really knows. [Via]