Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

From Chart-Topping Highs To Unthinkable Lows: The 20 Best Lines Of Narration From "Behind The Music: TLC"

20. "Millions of dollars were pouring in, but in the middle of 1995 the girls shocked their fans by filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy."

19. "But although she agreed work on the new album, Lisa continued to look beyond music for her own personal salvation."

18. "Consumed by turmoil, trials and tragedy, was the music. Not a single new note was heard from TLC for nearly 5 years."

17. "On the way to the studio, Lisa saw a rainbow. It was a vision that inspired her to add a deeply personal touch to the song, 'Waterfalls.'"

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16. "Miraculously, Lisa accepted."

15. "Next, TLC's boom goes bust."

14. "Later, Fanmail flies with fanfare and friction."

13. "Do T-Boz and Chilli believe the band would've stayed together if Lisa had survived?"

12. "But what is happening is the fans keep coming to see duo, with their departed sister singing along on the screen behind them—however emotional that may be for the two survivors."

11. "So had they found a new third member for the band?"

10. "Back in Honduras, where ever since 1998, she had sought spiritual refuge at the remote Usha Village, a sprawl of humble huts on the edge of a dense Central American jungle."

9. "With a sophisticated video system projecting Lisa's image on stage, T-Boz and Chilli delivered TLC's hallmark to 60,000 mourning fans."

8. "The band would survive bankruptcy and near terminal in-fighting only to have to face the tragic death of one of their musical sisters."

7. "TLC was nearly swept away by crushing waves of heartbreak and and illness."

6. "Lisa and Chilli stayed in Nebraska."

5. "That's the addition. Now here's the subtraction."

4. "But first, TLC burns up the charts and Lisa burns down the house."

3. "In December 2005, Tiffany "Oh So Crispy" Baker was declared the winner.

2. "Later, the girls go broke."

1. "Back at the house she stumbled upon 20 boxes of tennis shoes. Convinced he hadn't ordered any for her, she snapped."

(Reminder: You can watch this "Behind The Music" here.)

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Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber want you to turn on channel 5 because Lisa burned the house down.

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jolie (#16)

I realize that "Lisa buuuuuuuurned the house down" isn't technically part of the narration but nonetheless should obviously have been number 1. Therefore, your list has regrettably been rejected from consideration.

@jolie COOL IT, JOLIE.

laurel (#4,035)

OK, but the best line of all from Behind The Music: TLC belongs to Lisa, when she says something like, "Here's how you can sell 10 million records and end up going bankrupt. Everybody get ready to do the math…" and then she proceeds to do the math. The terrible, terrible '90s music biz math.

buzzgirl (#241,640)

I was listening to the TLC station on Pandora (because OBVIOUSLY), and as much as I loved Left Eye (RIP), when I hear her rap these nonsensical lyrics in "What About Your Friends": "Well is it me or can it be I'm a little too
Friendly so to speak hypothetically
Say I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy"
All I can think of is Damon Wayans as Oswald Bates. SMH.

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