Friday, February 15th, 2013

Fox News Replaces Idiot With Another Idiot

When Fox News got rid of Sarah Palin by offering her a very tiny contract renewal, people who follow these things said, "Oh, Fox News has been forced to scale back the crazy a little bit, because the old white lunatics are quickly dying off and America's population now consists solely of multi-ethnic transgender metrosexuals." But these people were wrong, because Fox News just hired Herman Cain as a paid on-air personality.

Herman Cain was the 2012 GOP presidential frontrunner at some point—everybody was a GOP frontrunner at some point, except for Sarah Palin. Imagine being such a washed-up dingbat that you couldn't even compete with the likes of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

The cable news station also hired Scott Brown, who was "the new Ted Kennedy" for about five minutes back in 2010.

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Werner Hedgehog (#11,170)

I wonder how the interview went down…

Roger Ailes: "You want the job, don't you?"

WindowSeat (#180)

@Werner Hedgehog "Yes or no? I have Todd Akin on hold."

Herman has forgotten more on how an economy works than OBama ever Knew or will ever know!!! Take a hint and always go with someone who proves he knows by Doing something ..Not someone who has a theory of what works..let along that has Proved it has never worked anywhere boot !!

You wrote Fox Replaced an Idiot…Not True ..Juan Williams Still works there !!!!!

It appears to me Ken Layne is an idiot!
Don't agree with him and he uses this mini-pulpit to cry on!
FU Lane!

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