"Traditional Southern Diet" Will Put You In Traditional Southern Grave

That bowl of ranch dressing is the perfect finishing touch.Fried chicken, ham, bacon, “sweet tea” and huge store-bought cakes are the five major food groups of the Southern United States, and there are apparently some health consequences to eating nothing but fat, lard, corn syrup and factory slaughtered antibiotic-filled pigs and chickens.

People who ate Southern food six times a week had a 41% higher risk of stroke, compared with people who ate such food once a month. And, the study found, a traditional Southern diet accounted for 63% of the higher risk of stroke among African Americans, compared with white Americans.

The study followed 20,000 white and black Americans who enjoy the “traditional Southern diet” of “fried chicken and fish, bacon, ham and sweet teas.” They were already expected to die from diabetes and heart attacks, but this is the first research to show they can also expect to die from strokes, obviously.

Photo by Randy OHC.