Can You Guess What A Thousand-Dollar Bottle Of Wine Tastes Like?

At this point in the news cycle, no one should be surprised to learn that, according to the world’s preeminent wine experts, a bottle of 1953 Vega Sicilia, which costs around $1,000, would leave a tangible “horse manure character” on the palate of the discerning taster. Oxford and Cambridge have been holding an annual competitive wine-tasting competition for 60 years. It’s an event where a human being might say something like, “If you misread astringency as acidity, you get it wrong.” And another human being might nod along, and jot down notes, while secretly judging the first human being for “seeming to think that this constituted a coherent explanation.” There is nothing not to enjoy in reading about this. One day, aliens or robots or genetically enhanced chimpanzees wearing Google Glass glasses will look back at us and laugh and laugh and laugh.